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About Us

Welcome to the ZNQ Institute. We are a San Francisco-based Acupuncture school and clinic. Our Acupuncture school offers many courses such as: Anti-Aging Therapy Course, Anti-Aging Meditation, and Zhizhen® Therapy (Needle Free Acupuncture) Courses.


At our San Francisco Acupuncture clinic, you can get treated by award-winning Professor Jianying Chen.  Professor Chen has received several awards in Chinese Medicine and will help you ease your pain with Zhizhen® Therapy. Scared of needles? No problem! Come to our clinic to receive NEEDLE FREE ACUPUNCTURE! Our clinic offers Zhizhen® Therapy, Zhizhen® Massage Therapy, and Compositive Tuina and Zhizhen® Massage Therapy. Schedule your appointment today.

Meet Your Instructor

Professor Jianying Chen was voted People of The Year 2012 in the Chinese Medicine Yearbook together with Nobel Prize winner Tu Youyou. Professor Chen and his highly trained team will conduct your therapy. Providing more than 25 years of expertise in Chinese Medicine, Professor Chen is also a visitorial Professor from The Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine.

As a professor in Chinese Medicine Jianying Chen was always fascinated with natural ways of relieving pain and anti-aging. His practice focuses on the stimulation of different acupoints which are believed to help prevent and treat diseases, regulate the functions of tissues and organs, and improve the immune system and anti-aging abilities.

Recognitions and Honors

10th Annual Congress of Chinese Medicine Award

Dean's Paper received Certificate for Internationally Excellent Paper at the 10th Congress of Chinese Medicine held in the U.S.

TCM Convention

Dean's Paper received Certificate of Excellence at the WFAS International TCM Convention held in Malaysia

8th Annual Congress of Chinese Medicine Award

Dean's paper receives Certificate of Excellence at the 8th Congress meeting of Chinese Medicine held in London

10th Annual World Congress of Chinese Medicine Award

The 10th world congress of Chinese medicine and the 10th Anniversary of the foundation of WFCMS (World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies). Awarded the Certificate for Internationally Excellent Paper.

Needle-less Acupuncture Trainings

Professor Chen conducts lectures and holds Zhizhen® workshops at the Harvard Medical School affiliated hospital and the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

2010 International Acupuncture Conference

Dean's paper received Certificate of Excellence from WHO’s official NGO partner WFAS at its 2010 International Acupuncture Conference in U.S.

Research Papers & Books

New Qigong treatment exploration and research on scar caused by cracking of post-surgical cut
Published on The 12th World Chinese Medicine Congress
September 25-27, 2015, Barcelona, Spain

Research Presentation - The exploration and research on the effectiveness of a treatment known as New Qigong on severe erosive plantar tinea pedis
Published on The 13th World Chinese Medicine Congress
November 11-13, 2016, Auckland, New Zealand

The Exploration And Research On The Treatment Of Age Spots Using New Qigong
Published on 2nd World TCM & Acupuncture Forum
March 31 – April 1, 2019, Washington D.C., USA

Zhizhen® Therapy textbook

Since I have the ability to, my goal is to help make people feel better. I have had this dream from a young age which rooted back to when I would see people suffering from poor living conditions. I knew I can never turn my back to all of that, and my heart ached. This is why I have spent years and years in building my healing business. Helping people lead a pain-free life physically can help empower people to also have a better emotional outlook.

It’s always been my intention to become an influential leader who helps create change in this world. It’s my hope that Needle-free finger acupuncture is a start to helping humanity see that healthcare is accessible to all; I hope to teach many practitioners this method so it spreads far and wide.

- Professor Jianying Chen

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