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The effects of Zhizhen® (Needle Free) Acupuncture Therapy


  • Regulating effect: helps restore the function of body tissues and organs by stimulating certain acupoints.

  • Sedating effect: helps activate the tissues in the stimulated parts to help treat disorders like aching or spasm.

  • Activating effect: helps to activate internal organs and nerves that suffer from disorders like perception numbness and motion

  • Inducing effect: helps regulate blood flow in diseased parts that affect the blood vessels and cause congestion.

    (1)Inducing effect on the affected parts: helps to expand the blood vessels of the affected parts and induce blood to gather
    around the affected parts through stimulation.

    (2)Inducing effect on the healthy parts: helps induce blood from the inflammatory parts to the healthy parts through stimulation.

  • Reflexology effect: helps to relieve pain in the local area and change temperature as a reflection of the needle-free finger
    acupuncture stimulation.

  • Modulating effect: helps to ameliorate autonomic imbalance and improve physical conditions such as allergies.

  • Anti-inflammation effect: helps the increase of white blood cell migration to the affected parts, and activate the lymph
    system to help to absorb fluid.

  • Immune effect: helps to increase white blood cells to improve the immune system.

  • Anti-aging effect: helps to activate body tissues, organs, and blood circulation, and discharge waste products out of body.

Zhizhen® (Needle Free) Acupuncture therapy is a revolutionary technique. Instead of inserting needles through the skin, the practitioner applies their fingertips and thumbs to acupoints and meridians. Zhizhen therapy is a safe and painless method to help prevent and treat a wide variety of medical conditions.

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