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Anti-Aging Medication

Coaching Course

In the early 1980s, scientists in China began to study the medical benefits claimed for qigong. Since then, research on hundreds of medical applications of qigong have been reported in Chinese literature. We are happy to report that there are clinical reports of the medical benefits of qigong that explain how it can retard or reverse signs of aging.


Top Benefits

  1. Learn how to get rid of wrinkles from face, neck and other parts of body to look 15 years younger

  2. Increases energy to feel young again

  3. Gets rid of aging spots from hands and other parts of body

  4. Gets rid of any pain from your body for a different, better life

  5. Therapeutic balancing of the meridians and functions of the body by qigong

  6. Helps reduce high blood pressure

What We Are Teaching

Anti-Aging Breathing Exercises

  1. Breath Counting Method

  2. Breath Exercise Method

  3. Breath Breaking Method

Anti-Aging Qi Exercises

  1. Qi Counting Method

  2. Qi Exercises Method

  3. Qi Breaking Method

This course is delivered in-person.

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