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Zhizhen® Therapy

Specialist Program

Award Ribbon
Certificate Program

The Zhizhen® Therapy Specialist Program is a 24-month certificate program is designed to train professionals to become highly skilled in Zhizhen® Therapy.

This is a higher level Zhizhen® Therapy Certificate program. In these courses the students will not only learn Zhizhen® Therapy Techniques from basic to advanced and clinic, but also through Chinese Medicine’s basic and clinical theories etc. The goal is to train Zhizhen® Therapy Specialist with a wider range of Chinese Medicine knowledge.


So what is included in the curriculum?

  1. Chinese Medicine Basic Theory

  2. Acupuncture Points

  3. Meridianology

  4. Chinese Medicine Pharmacology

  5. Chinese Medicine Diagnostics (Part 1)

  6. Chinese Medicine Diagnostics (Part 2)

  7. Internal Chinese Medicine Science (Part 1)

  8. Internal Chinese Medicine Science (Part 2)

  9. Chinese Medicine Surgical Diseases

  10. Chinese Medicine Formulas

  11. Chinese Herbal Medicine Pharmaceutics

  12. Acupuncture Prescription and Mechanism Research

  13. Zhizhen® Basic Technique A

  14. Zhizhen® Basic Technique B

  15. Tuina Basic Technique A

  16. Tuina Basic Technique B

  17. Accelerated Technique A

  18. Accelerated Technique B

  19. Zhizhen® Advanced Technique A

  20. Zhizhen® Advanced Technique B

  21. Acupuncture Acology (Part 1)

  22. Acupuncture Acology (Part 2)

  23. Zhizhen® Therapy Intern A

  24. Zhizhen® Therapy Intern B

  25. Analysis of Acupuncture Clinic Case


The curriculum includes all courses in the 6 month Zhizhen® Therapy Basic Program and 12 month Zhizhen® Therapy Advanced Program. This program is delivered online with once a month in-person seminars for a hands-on experience.

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