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Begin Your Journey into Zhizhen® & New Qigong

Acupressure Neck Massage

The world of Eastern medicine has always been intriguing. It's much more vast than I thought it was and Professor Chen has propelled me into not only a great career but a deeper understanding of wellness.

-Marina Townsmith-

Our Mission
ZNQ Institute

Our Mission is to promote the study of the new cutting edge therapies: Zhizhen® (Needle Free) Acupuncture therapy and New Qigong (Energy Work).

Zhizhen® is based on traditional Chinese medicine theories and practice, and serves as an effective way to help prevent and treat diseases, regulate body tissues and organs, strengthen the immune system, and improve anti-aging abilities. We offer online programs with hands-on seminars for a thorough training.

New Qigong is energy work which increases energy level, immune system level, body function, and appearance. By learning this therapy you can become more active and energetic, healthier, flexible and more than 15 years younger. We offer private training courses.

Our Story
ZNQ Institute

Zhizhen® Acupuncture therapy is a revolutionary technique. Instead of inserting needles through the skin, the practitioner applies their fingertips and thumbs to acupuncture points and meridians. Zhizhen® therapy is a safe and painless method to help prevent and treat a wide variety of medical conditions. Our goal is to spread this healing therapy and to provide an amazing amount of pain relief to all our patients.

New Qigong is energy work training. Start from Breath and Qi exercises then move to high level training. You will not only become younger but also be rewarded with a lot of other benefits like improved health, more energy, and so on. Our goal is to bring slowed aging, health, and energy to people.

Our Courses

Whether you're looking to expand your knowledge into Zhizhen® & New Qigong or want to gift a course to a loved one or colleague, we have several course offerings to choose from.


Anti-Aging Therapy Introductory Course (GIFT)

In celebration of our 3rd anniversary, we'll be offering seminars designed to allow physiotherapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage practitioners, nurses, and doctors the opportunity to learn the basic techniques of Anti-Aging Therapy.


Zhizhen® Therapy Advanced Program
Award Ribbon

The Zhizhen® Therapy Advanced Program is a 12-month certificate program designed to train professionals to become Zhizhen® Therapy Practitioners.

In this course students will learn Zhizhen® Basic Techniques to Zhizhen® Advanced Techniques. They will also learn Chinese Medicine Basic Theory, Meridians and Acupuncture Points, etc., so the graduates can start an independent practice as a Zhizhen® Therapy Provider.


In celebration of our 3rd anniversary, we'll be offering seminars designed to allow physiotherapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage practitioners, nurses, and doctors the opportunity to learn the basic techniques of Zhizhen® Therapy.


Zhizhen® Therapy Specialist Program
Award Ribbon

The Zhizhen® Therapy Specialist Program is a 24-month certificate program is designed to train professionals to become highly skilled in Zhizhen® Therapy.

This is a higher level Zhizhen® Therapy Certificate program. In these courses the students will not only learn Zhizhen® Therapy Techniques from basic to advanced and clinic, but also through Chinese Medicine’s basic and clinical theories etc. The goal is to train Zhizhen® Therapy Specialist with a wider range of Chinese Medicine knowledge.


Zhizhen® Therapy Basic Program

A 6-month program designed to train professionals be able to use Zhizhen® Therapy Basic Techniques in their practice. Students will also learn Chinese Medicine Basic Theory.


Anti-Aging Meditation Coaching Course

In this course you'll learn the various methodologies of Anti-Aging and Anti-Aging Qi Exercises, the key to the Breath & Qi approach to anti-aging.

Our Courses

Luciana B.

I've been dealing with severe neck pain for a while. Woke up with serious stiff neck that stopped me from moving literally. Like magic the needle-free acupuncture that Dr Chen applied helped me without pain on the first visit. On the second visit I was feeling way better and he helped me heal totally by the third time we were treating it.

Xin H.

Every time I sit for a while the back pain and discomfort come back, so much so that I am forced to lean my back against a pillow to lessen the pain. I decided to give needle-free acupuncture, otherwise known as Zhizhen Therapy a try. I heard it was effective, especially for treating chronic back pain. Professor Chen explained the therapy involves using the thumb instead of traditional needle acupuncture. This method helps to stimulate acupoints. It piqued my interest. During the treatment I felt his fingers pressed against the acupoints on my back, it almost felt like traditional acupuncture. It was very strong and very deep. My back began to really fully relax and I found that comfort I'd been looking for.

Michaela C.

Prof Chen took the time to sit down and find out where my pain was. Since I don't necessarily have any chronic pain I'm dealing with, we worked together to find some areas that were tight & could use some work. He used ZhiZhen Therapy on specified areas of the body. It felt wonderful. Prof Chen was professional, knowledgeable & nice to talk to.

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